Given the high standard of our products, services and intellectual property, we do not ordinarily expect a refund to be requested and as our products, services and intellectual property cannot be returned without trace, we are also unable to provide refunds.

As Redcat Safety is 100% committed to customer satisfaction, if the above does not meet your expectation, a store credit may be offered upon reasonable request within seven days of purchase.

Redcat Safety will make every effort to fix any errors with purchases, but we ask that you choose carefully before making your purchase as we do not refund for incorrect choice.

All guarantees given shall exclude competitor and third-party promotions, giveaways or non-commercial agreements. Documented evidence and/or a questionnaire may be requested to be completed by the buyer on any claims made.

If Redcat Safety does allow a cancellation and a refund of the sale, either in whole or in part. then the buyer will be obligated to terminate immediately and irretrievably all documents and any copies of the product(s) supplied by Redcat Safety. Upon formal receipt of the buyer’s confirmation of such deletion and/or destruction of documents, we will refund the price within 14 days. Redcat Safety will only be obliged to issue the refund to the payment card or bank account that was used to make the purchase.