Fatigue Self Assessment Tool

Fatigue Self Assessment Tool

This fatigue self assessment tool:

  • Can assist you complete an assessment of how and why you are feeling fatigued.
  • Can be very easily edited and customized so you can create your own fatigue self assessment tool.


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What is a Fatigue Self-Assessment Tool?

Fatigue Scale

Fatigue can be described as a weariness that is primarily caused by prolonged wakefulness or insufficient and/or disturbed sleep.

A fatigue self-assessment is a simple and easy way to help you identify if you are suffering from fatigue. It can help you to track your symptoms and how they fluctuate over time.

It can also help you to share information with your employer if your job is being affected. Fatigue is a common problem, but it can be tough to identify the root cause of fatigue.

That’s where a fatigue self-assessment tool comes in handy. Fatigue can have a serious impact on your safety and performance. It can lead to accidents and errors and can make it difficult to concentrate or make decisions. That’s why it’s so important to be honest with ourselves and our team members about how we are feeling.

What are the Risks of Fatigue in the Workplace?

When individuals experience fatigue, their cognitive abilities, concentration and decision-making skills are significantly impaired. This can lead to increased errors, accidents and injuries, particularly in industries that involve high-risk tasks or operating heavy machinery.


Fatigue also hampers productivity, as tired employees struggle to maintain focus and efficiency, resulting in decreased output and quality of work. Moreover, fatigue negatively impacts employee health, contributing to physical and mental health issues, such as weakened immune systems, chronic conditions and mental health disorders.

The consequences of fatigue extend beyond individual employees, affecting teamwork, morale and overall organizational performance.

To mitigate these risks, it is crucial for employers to prioritize strategies that promote adequate rest, manage work schedules effectively and educate employees on the importance of proper sleep hygiene and self-care.

By addressing fatigue risks, organizations can create safer, healthier and more productive work environments.

Contents of this Fatigue Self-Assessment Tool

This fatigue self-assessment is made up of two parts. The first part is to identify the causes of your fatigue and the associated risk factors and the second part is to identify your current fatigue risk factors.

Why Choose to Buy this Fatigue Self-Assessment Tool

This 2-page fatigue self-assessment can assist you complete an assessment of how and why you are feeling fatigued. The tool can help you manage fatigue at your workplace and help develop a fatigue risk management system.

After purchasing this template you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the template to create your own fatigue risk assessment tool.
  • Use it in any industry or sector regardless of size or type of organization.

Availability and Use of this Fatigue Self-Assessment Tool

  • This fatigue self-assessment is accessible to you right now by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • The assessment tool will be delivered to you in fully editable Microsoft Word format for immediate and full use in your business.
  • There are no subscriptions, contracts or ongoing costs.

Fatigue Self Assessment Tool Guarantee

This Fatigue Self-Assessment Tool is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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