Injury Management Flowchart

Injury Management Flowchart

This injury management flowchart:

  • Defines a process to report and manage workplace injuries and inform employees about the injury management process.
  • Can establish a standardized process for managing workplace injuries and outline the sequential steps to be followed, for ensuring a consistent approach in addressing and responding to injuries.


About this Injury Management Flowchart

This injury management flowchart can be customized and used to illustrate a process by which injuries can be reported and managed within the workplace.

When an employee suffers an injury at work having a well-defined management process will help the employee receive the necessary treatment and recover without any undue delays.

This injury management flowchart identifies the activities and procedures that may need to be followed to enable employees with a work-related injury or illness to make a timely recovery and safe return to work. Also included in this document is a reporting process and duty to notify table.

What is Injury Management?

Injury management is a term that is used to describe a coordinated effort to prevent, evaluate and treat workplace injuries and manage compensation claims. Injury management programs for injured workers are designed to reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries.

They may also be referred to as ‘occupational injury and illness prevention programs.’ The goal of injury management is to reduce the number of workplace injuries and illnesses, as well as the costs associated with these conditions.

There are many different approaches to injury management programs however, they typically involve workers’ compensation representatives, health care professionals, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

Return to Work Programs

A return to work program is a good way to get an injured worker to remain at work, manage workplace injuries and commence suitable duties.

Injury Management Flowchart

A return to work program can be implemented where a worker’s treating medical practitioner:

  • Advises in writing that a return to work program should be established for the injured employee.
  • Signs a medical certificate indicating that the worker has partial capacity to return to work.
  • Signs a medical certificate indicating that the worker has the total capacity to return to work but, for some reason they are unable to return to the position they held immediately before the injury occurred.

The main benefits of having a return to work program include:

  • Maintaining a return to meaningful work focus for the worker.
  • Retention of the skills, knowledge and experience of the worker.
  • Prevention of the worker feeling isolated from the workplace.
  • Assisting in the injury management process and worker’s recovery to pre-injury levels.

Usually, the employee’s direct manager is responsible for monitoring a return to work program, specifically the injured worker’s general performance and ability to perform assigned duties when they return to the workplace.

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  • This injury management flowchart can provide you with a structured and consistent approach to managing workplace injuries.
  • Can ensure prompt and appropriate responses, efficient communication, support legal compliance, aid documentation and recordkeeping, promote employee well-being, and enable continuous improvement in injury prevention and management.

After downloading this injury management flowchart you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the template to create your own injury management flowchart.
  • Apply your own style, format and brand to the flowchart.
  • Use it in any industry or sector regardless of size or type of organization.

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