Noise Awareness Training Presentation

Noise Awareness Training Presentation

This noise awareness training presentation:

  • Provides practical guidance on how excessive noise affects hearing and can assist you train personnel on noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Can raise awareness about the potential risks and hazards associated with excessive noise exposure in the workplace, and employees can gain a better understanding of the impact of noise on their health and well-being.


About this Noise Awareness Training Presentation

This noise awareness training presentation provides practical guidance on:

Noise Awareness Training

  • How noise affects hearing.
  • How to recognize and reduce exposure to noise.
  • How your ear works and how noise is measured.
  • How to reduce exposure to noise and control of noise at work
  • Health and safety risks arising from hazardous noise.

The objective of this training presentation is to promote an understanding of the health effects caused by noise, including occupational, domestic and leisure activities. This training will also promote a systematic approach to the management of exposure to loud noise.

This noise awareness training will familiarize persons with the following:

  • What noise is, the range of health effects of noise on hearing, and the social implications of hearing loss.
  • Excessive noise exposure in the workplace.
  • The general and specific noise control measures which are necessary to protect them and other persons.
  • When and how to use personal hearing protection devices and their proper care and maintenance.

Note: It is important to train personnel on the risks of excessive noise, as noise-induced hearing loss is permanent.

Excessive Noise Exposure

Excessive noise can result in noise-induced hearing loss, which is permanent. It can also create other problems such as tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears), headaches, increased fatigue, and loss of concentration.

There is an obligation under legislation that workers are not exposed to noise levels that fail to meet the legal limits. All practicable actions must be taken to control the effects of noise or reduce noise emissions at the source.

Whilst a hearing loss of around 5% can be expected over a person’s lifetime, this loss rate is rapidly accelerated when there is exposure to excessive noise and no hearing conservation program is in place.

Noise Risk Controls

Where the noise levels fail to meet the legislative requirements, all practicable action must be taken to control and reduce noise emissions in that area. Methods of noise control are prioritized below according to the hierarchy of risk control options. Workers who perform the work task should be consulted about the control measures outlined below:

  • Elimination – removing the occupational noise hazard or its source from the workplace.
  • Substitution – swapping to a hazard or source with a lower exposure limit risk level.
  • Isolation – removing the hazard from the employee or the employee from the hazard.
  • Engineering – physically altering the levels of noise in the work environment.
  • Administrative work practices – designing jobs to reduce employee exposure and displaying warning signs.
  • Personal protection equipment – using hearing protectors and devices to protect hearing.

Evaluation of Risk

Risk evaluation and assessment of any controls introduced must be undertaken in consultation between management, and workers directly involved in the work area identified as possessing a loud noise or noise hazard. The results of this assessment should be communicated to all the involved parties.

Noise awareness training should be an integral part of a preventative strategy and in addition to the hierarchy of controls and conducting audiometric hearing tests.

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Excessive noise levels can lead to hearing loss, which is often irreversible. Noise awareness training educates employees about the importance of hearing protection, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the need to minimize exposure to high noise levels, reducing the risk of hearing impairments.

After downloading this noise awareness training presentation, you will be able to:

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