Safety Issue Resolution Flowchart

Safety Issue Resolution Flowchart

This safety issue resolution flowchart:

  • Defines a process to report and resolve safety issues at work and identify step-by-step actions to address differing safety resolutions.
  • Provides a standardized and structured process for addressing workplace safety issues.
  • Outlines the steps to be followed, ensuring consistency in how safety concerns are identified, reported and resolved.


About this Safety Issue Resolution Flowchart

This safety issue resolution flowchart can be used to illustrate a process by which health and safety issues at work can be reported and resolved.

How health and safety issues at work are raised and dealt with is a test of:

  • How well the workplace is managing health and safety.
  • Management and the employee’s commitment to health and safety to identify safety issues, or possible safety improvements in the workplace.
  • Management’s commitment to attempt to resolve the safety issues or act on improvements, so that the health and safety of all employees is enhanced.

Wherever possible, any health and safety issues at work should be resolved through consultation. However, if the safety issue cannot be resolved, then it should follow a defined safety issue resolution process.

Identifying and Raising Health and Safety Issues

The key to the successful resolution of health and safety issues (and avoidance of cease work) is an early identification of a problem, potential problem, or potential improvement before it becomes a major issue. Personnel should always raise issues directly with management first and:

  • Be encouraged to be conscious of their work environment and work methods and to identify hazard controls that could affect or improve workplace health and safety.
  • Be aware that periodic or occasional audits or an inspection of the workplaces by management or others are a necessary component of ensuring the health and safety of all.
  • Make sure that any matters identified are initially raised and discussed with management as soon as possible.

As with any action to resolve health and safety issues or improve the workplace, the preliminary response will be a management or supervision responsibility.

Note: It is desirable not to hold safety issues at the workplace over until a later date e.g. the next health and safety or workgroup meeting. Management must seriously consider every problem or improvement that is raised and fully understand its importance to employees.

Safety Issue Resolution Flowchart

Mechanisms for employees to document safety issues may include:

  • Auditing programs such as safety and hazard inspections.
  • Near miss reporting using a hazard reporting process.
  • Risk assessment and resolved issues processes.
  • Issuing a provisional improvement notice for the resolution of issues.
  • Health and safety representatives or general safety representatives (HSR).
  • Issues that are raised and recorded at health and safety committee meetings.

It is important that any idea or suggestion offered is:

  • Acknowledged, so that employees or work groups that are affected by the issue know they have been heard.
  • Assessed for its suitability, which should involve the employee(s) who put forward the idea.
  • Publicized, so that others may benefit from the occupational health and safety idea.
  • Implemented as soon as practicable as per an issue resolution procedure or agreed procedure.
  • Monitored, and its success, failure or improvement is revised and reported back to the employees.

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