Verification of Competency Assessment

Verification of Competency Assessment

This verification of competency assessment template can assist your business comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, Management Systems clause 7.2 Competence.


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What is Verification of Competency?

Verification of competency (VOC) is a method of assessing a person’s ability, skills and knowledge. Usually, we can verify a person’s competence through an assessment and/or a practical demonstration.

The VOC process assists employers to ensure that individuals have the necessary ability to perform their job safely and competently. It helps employers find skill gaps and provide training to fill them – if required.

High-risk occupations, such as heavy equipment and machinery operations, often use the VOC process.

Who Can Conduct a Verification of Competency?

Who can conduct a VOC can be quite varied and depends on what the VOC is actually for however, generally assessments can be conducted by employers, training providers, independent assessors or other ‘competent person’ as defined below.

Verification of Competency

How Can You Determine if Someone is Competent?

In general terms, we can define this as follows.

Competency is a combination of attributes, including skills, training and experience, relevant to a particular work task or function that enables a person to undertake that work task safely or discharge that function by following industry standards and site requirements.

A competent person is a person who has acquired, through a combination of training, qualification or experience, the knowledge and skill necessary to undertake their work safely or discharge their function by following company expectations.

A competency assessment is the due diligence process of collecting and evaluating evidence (either an internal assessment and/or an assessment authorized by external assessors) to determine if an individual is competent to perform a task at the required level.

How Important is a Person’s Competency in the Workplace?

The competence of personnel is vital to enable a business to operate effectively and safely. Where a level of training, competency or a certificate is required to operate equipment or perform a work activity, no person should be permitted to undertake that activity without an adequate level of training, competency, or the necessary certificate being attained.

Contents of this Verification of Competency

This VoC assessment tool has provisions for assessing the training and skill levels of a trainee, inclusive of:

  • Ability with pre-employment checks and pre-start checks.
  • Operational ability.
  • Shut-down, security and maintenance knowledge.
  • Assessor’s observations of competence to operate.
  • Assessor determination of the units of competency.
  • Sign off for statement of attainment of competency.
  • Trainee acknowledgment.
  • Sign-off of training and assessment.

Why Choose to Buy this Verification of Competency

This 2-page VoC tool can assist you verify a worker’s ability to operate the equipment. The tool can help you manage the health and safety of equipment use and operations.

After purchasing this template you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the template to create your own verification of competency assessment tool.
  • Apply your own style, format and brand to the assessment tool.
  • Use it in any industry or sector regardless of size or type of organization.

Availability and Use of this Verification of Competency

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  • The assessment tool will be delivered to you in fully editable Microsoft Word format for immediate and full use in your business.
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Verification of Competency Assessment

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