Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Procedure

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Procedure

This mental health and wellbeing procedure template can assist your business comply with ISO 45001, OH&S Management Systems clauses:

  • 6.1.2. Hazard Identification and Assessment of Risks and Opportunities.
  • 8.1.2. Eliminating Hazards and Reducing OH&S Risks.


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What is Mental Health?

Mental health (in the workplace) is a state of wellbeing in which an individual realizes their own potential to cope with the normal stresses of the workplace and can work productively.

Mental ill-health includes a mental illness or symptoms such as changes in emotion or behavior not of sufficient severity to be diagnosed as a mental illness, which may resolve in time or when a person’s situation changes, or if problems persist or increases in severity, may develop into a mental illness.

Mental illness is a set of symptoms that can be diagnosed and significantly impact how a person thinks, feels, behaves and interacts with others.

Mentally healthy workplace is a workplace where:

  • Mental health is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Systems, policies and procedures are embedded into the organization for the benefit of mental health and well-being of the employees.
  • Interventions are tailored to each worker or workgroup.
  • Continuous evaluation and improvements are visible.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

It should be an organization’s objective to provide a positive working environment that promotes, protects and supports the health, safety and wellbeing of personnel. An effective approach uses three fundamental elements to manage mental health and wellbeing in the workplace which are:

  1. Prevention – focuses on identifying and managing work-related hazards and risks to mental health and wellbeing. This also includes promotional and awareness initiatives.
  2. Intervention – seeks to gain a positive involvement in key aspects of workplace health and wellbeing, for example:

– Psychological.

– Physical.

– Emotional.

– Organizational.

– Professional.

– Social, cultural and community engagement.

  1. Support and Recovery – pursues a prompt and the most effective response to a mental health or wellbeing issue.

What is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Procedure?

A mental health and wellbeing procedure is a set of written instructions that outline how an organization can identify, manage and support employees who may be experiencing mental health problems.

The goal of a mental health and wellbeing procedure is to help individuals achieve and maintain a state of mental health and wellbeing.

Contents of this Mental Health and Wellbeing Procedure

  • Approval.
  • Purpose.
  • Scope.
  • Terms and Definitions.
  • Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Overview.
  • Prevention.
  • Risk Factors.
  • Risk Management Processes.
  • Health Promotion Programs.
  • Flexible Working Arrangements.
  • Professional Development.
  • Intervention.
  • Enhancement of Mental Health.
  • eHealth Options and Pathways.
  • Fatigue and Fatigue-Related Stress.
  • Employee Assistance to Quit Smoking.
  • Medicals, Health Monitoring and Health Surveillance.
  • Support and Recovery.
  • Prescribed Medications.
  • Support Services.
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Privacy of Personal Information.
  • Related Procedures, Forms and Documents.
  • Review Criteria.
  • Record Management.
  • References.

Why Choose to Buy this Mental Health and Wellbeing Procedure

  • This 15-page mental health and wellbeing procedure can assist you be a proactive employer regarding mental health and wellbeing and recognize that it is particularly important that all personnel are mentally healthy, safe and valued at work.
  • This procedure can provide you with a methodology to manage, assist and support the mental health and wellbeing of personnel who undertake work on behalf of your organization.

After purchasing this template you will be able to:

  • Very easily edit and customize the template to create your own procedure.
  • Apply your own style, format and brand to the procedure.
  • Use it in any industry or sector regardless of the size or type of organization.

Availability and Use of this Mental Health and Wellbeing Procedure

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