Employee Orientation Checklist

Employee Orientation Checklist

This employee orientation checklist:

  • Can help you to ensure a smooth and structured onboarding process for new employees.
  • Can facilitate the employee orientation process and serve as a documented record of orientation.
  • Can provide a roadmap for HR professionals, managers and mentors to guide new hires through the necessary steps and introduce them to the organization’s policies, procedures and culture.


About this Employee Orientation Checklist

This employee orientation checklist can facilitate what level of training, competency or certification is required to perform a work task safely, or what level of competency is required.  If this process of employee orientation is done correctly the onboarding of the new employee will be beneficial for management, the new employee and productivity.

What is Employee Orientation?

When a new employee first commences employment at an organization, one of the first things that need to be completed is their employee orientation. Employee orientation and safety training is a vital process that enables a workplace to operate safely with new personnel.

Whether you’re welcoming a new hire or helping an existing employee to transition to a new role or work area, a thorough orientation is the key to ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Orientation Checks

This employee orientation checklist covers some of the basic essential information that a new employee needs to know, such as:

Employee Orientation Checklist

  • The company’s safety program, work environment and company culture.
  • Discuss general employee onboarding and employee feel for the hiring process.
  • Introduction to organizational chart team members and human resources.
  • On-the-job duties and any specific training sessions.
  • Safety meetings and other scheduled meetings.
  • Investigations.
  • Disciplinary actions.
  • How to use and care for personal protective equipment.
  • When to report an injury.
  • How to report an injury.
  • Who to report an injury to.
  • Communication and responsibility for reporting injuries.
  • Completing incident report forms.
  • Overview of procedures, methods and hazards, as they relate to the employee’s specific job.
  • New hire paperwork, tools and software needed for their role.
  • Safety rules and mandatory requirements.
  • First aid person.
  • First aid supplies and training.
  • Emergency plan and procedures.
  • Evacuation routes and assembly points.
  • Use of firefighting equipment.
  • Specific emergency procedures (medical, hazmat etc.)
  • Vehicle use and parking.
  • Personal work habits and expectations.
  • Serious consequences of misconduct.
  • Fighting and misbehavior.
  • Inattention.
  • Smoking policy
  • Housekeeping practices
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Issue a business card.
  • Issue the employee handbook for the onboarding process.

Employers should tailor their orientation and onboarding programs to lay the groundwork and fit the needs of their organization. The orientation should be specific to the type of position their new hires will be filling. A good employee orientation program will set the new employees up for success from day one.

Other Training, Skills and Competencies

Anyone undertaking work that requires a license (e.g. high-risk license) and/or a prescribed activity will need to provide evidence of their qualifications to their new employer.

Qualifications should be recorded at orientation and be recorded in the company’s skills and competencies recording system. It should be mandatory that all personnel performing work must be competent in the assigned work tasks, having received training through a manufacturer, supplier, accredited professional, their employer, or another verifiable source.

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By completing an employee orientation checklist, organizations can enhance a new hire’s first day on the job, improve employee engagement and retention and set a strong foundation for new employees’ success within the company.

After downloading this employee orientation checklist you will be able to:

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